WhatsApp is down, again


Updated May 10, 20:33: It seems that the service begins to be restored in Spain and some European and Latin American regions progressively. However, neither WhatsApp or Facebook (owner of the service since last February 2014 company) have made ​​a statement reporting on the situation yet.

As if it were a function of the number of server crashes WhatsApp think tends to infinity. And the popular messaging application WhatsApp, after several weeks of stability on its servers-but by no means free-odd scare, fall is back . This time, the decline seems to have been worldwide, and so are informing service users in different social networks .

For now, the causes which have led to this decline are unknown service , as the company responsible has not yet made ​​any official statement explaining the situation. However, it seems new problems on servers, as happened in the past. In recent months, WhatsApp servers have fallen many times this is not far from the first drop of WhatsApp. The implementation suffered many failures in recent months , causing service disruption on several occasions . However, it is relatively understandable, since the mass of users using WhatsApp on a daily basis is very large, which obviously causes overloads and problems on the servers.

But, nevertheless, it may be a good idea to start using other IM services as Telegram , LINE or BlackBerry Messenger , which offer even more features than WhatsApp: best levels of security, encryption of our messages, stickers , shipping GIFs, etc. And if you look at their history, they have not suffered many falls as WhatsApp in recent months.