Google Will Buy Dropcam, Home Security Tech


If yesterday we brought you a story in which we announced the possibility that Apple could be finalizing the leap into home automation and announce at WWDC 2014 which took place in early June, we woke up today with the rumor that Google could be also be considering making the leap into the world, and that is, apparently, the software giant would be very interested in buying Dropcam.

The main product manufactured in Dropcam is a small camera that stores your recordings in the cloud in order to allow their users to access data from anywhere in the world, whether they are accessing from your computer or from your mobile device . For now, this company is working on improving its interesting software: face detection.

If we look back, remember that earlier this year Google acquired Nest, the company founded by one of the fathers of the iPod reinvented the typical thermostat and endowed him with WiFi connection in order to adapt to the times. Therefore, buying the Dropcam startup might have enough sense because Google may be preparing the jump to technology in charge of the safety of home, a field hitherto explored by this company. According to the source, the interest from Mountain View boys would be quite large, although at present the state in which the negotiations between the two companies are unknown.

No doubt that this is a ‘fad’ justified, the purchase would have enough sense and follow the trend of Nest, is that with the acquisition of two companies, Google could give a new twist to this technology in households in order to suit the XXI century. Are we at a new sector to exploit by leading technology companies?