iPhone Become Hostages Of Cyber Criminals


Technology does not cease to amaze me, ever. What appeared to be one of the best tools against theft has become a way of precisely one. And it turns out that several Australian iPhone users have received messages where they are forced to sign a $ 100 PayPal account or your phone will be locked. And all thanks to the ” Find my iPhone “.

This new tactic of blackmail has been reported recently in the Apple support forums by different users. All the same comment, they receive a message on your Apple device via the service “Find my iPhone” (Find my iPhone in Spanish) that tells you that your device has been hacked by Oleg Pliss and to unlock it should enter $ 100 in a PayPal account.

Some of those affected say that when you enter your iCloud account and restored to factory settings in affected gadget, everything is fixed . In fact, Apple’s official forums, this solution is recommended to end the blackmail. Something a little unorthodox but resolute.

There have also been cases in the UK and Canada

The most curious thing is that access to “Find my iPhone” must have access to iCloud accounts. Could they have been filtered accounts following the famous security flaw in Apple’s website? It is plausible. Or is it more likely that some users accounts match those that have been committed recently on eBay ? It is more than possible because a user has confirmed this similarity.

So, in anticipation of this technique as simple, you better change passwords for our accounts of Apple. I’d hate to have to restore my devices and, much less give a hundred dollars a stranger.