Skype Will Make Real-Time Translator On Your Calls

Language allow humans to communicate, but sometimes a barrier when we are in different countries. For many years he is working on tools to tear down that wall and be able to translate in real time our conversations in real time. Microsoft wanted to show the progress of Skype in this direction.

Standing out from the competition and remain a reference
in an entry posted on the company blog demo of how this technology would work hand himself responsible for Skype, shown Gurdeep Pall . As we can see in the video below (in which we see a conversation in English and German), speech recognition works properly and the experience begins to be rather smooth.

The good news is that it has already begun private beta of Skype and this functionality will be available to all users later this year. As we see, Microsoft is working to break the language barrier and Skype offer it to stand out from competitors and continue to lead the calls via VoIP platforms.