Tweet Balloon, Twitter App As Extension For Chrome

Tweet Balloon

Tweet Balloon is an unofficial Twitter app available as a Chrome extension that allows us, as many Twitter applications available today, read our tweets, view mentions, direct messages etc. read. from the same browser.

The grace of this extension that makes it different from other is that to access the information on our Twitter account will have a widget that will float through the pages of our browser, so that all the info is displayed in the form of bio- feed when we click the small globe. The widget is not displayed in the middle of the screen and can move from position to taste.

After you install the application and connect it to our Twitter account, and if we want to use the app with the widget, we have to enable it in the settings (I will come off by default) and place where we like more – will be placed on the left screen at first. As customization options and additional configuration, can choose how often the information displayed and set filters to not receive citations or notices of responses, eg updated.

You can install the extension on this link to the Google Play Store.