Microsoft Is Working On Its Own Smartwatch Compatible With iOS And Android


If at the end of 2013 we said that this year would be the year of the weareables devices and smartwatches, companies do not want to lose their piece of the pie and it seems that all are working on their own devices. Samsung has already submitted its bid at Mobile World Congress with Gear Fit , and while we await the arrival of the Apple device, Microsoft is already working on their own smartwatch , which unlike other proposals from other companies, it would support iOS and Android.

A fully compatible with iOS and Android device According to Forbes, the Redmond company is working on device focused to be compatible with its main competitors , so that not only be limited to the terminals own home, but also most functions of your smartwatch would also compatible with Android or Apple’s iPhone, as already makes Pebble.

The same source mentioned that this smartwatch of Microsoft would have a very similar design to the Samsung Fit with a large touch screen that would occupy the entire device and would be developed by different teams Microsfot like Kinect, the mobile division, and design team. Great news that would be realized on the ropes to devices, such as Samsung, are only compatible with its own mobile platform.