Tweetbot Is Forced To Do Maintenance: Some Versions Will Stop Working

TweetBot IOS

There seems to be trouble in paradise, at least in the living idyll developers best Twitter client for iOS: Tweetbot. In this case, a small change in the API .’s social network has forced a change of the application, but without having to have released a version Tweetbot warns users: it is necessary to set up accounts Whatsoever and through a notice (as anecdotally notice) , have warned that the push notifications have stopped working.

No doubt that Tweetbot is the best Twitter client unofficial . And when I say best, I mean the best of all ecosystems and all possible operating systems. No discussion possible here. Dozens of features, unparalleled interface and user experience at the level of the best applications of memento. Tweetbot is a stop-app for any iOS user who wants to migrate to other platforms.

But like all client developers for this social network, you have to limit the designs of Twitter. In this case, notice by the development team at Twitter, there have been a number of changes that despite already be solved, involving several things. First, the need to re-authorize all accounts registered user apps for iPhone and iPad. Have become progressively notifications but might lag according configure changes.

Also, and very important for some users who have not been updated, the Twitter API to let orphan Tweetbot previous versions to 2.8.8 (old design) and 3.3.2 (iOS design 7) . So feel free to upgrade or you’ll be unable to use the best customer Twiter to date, since previous versions will stop working immediately.