Virtru, a way to use our email more secure and private


Imagine if Gmail, outlook, yahoo and other email services offered the ability to delete messages after sending, if we specify the lifetime of an email before self-destruction, if possible see where our email has been routed and have full control over their visibility. that’s what Virtru ( ) offers.

This is an extension for chrome and firefox (they are already working on other versions) as well as mobile applications, who commented in Forbes in 2013 , application was created by people who worked on the NSA to ensure encryption of data using the existing emails.

Virtru is installed as an extension and alters the aspect of our creation window emails showing buttons that allow you to configure the lifetime of every message. When the recipient receives will have access to a secure server where the message which will be destroyed after the specified time is.
When you open the secure reader, will have to confirm that you own the target account, so complete safety is no one other than the recipient can access the message in question.