The Mobile Payment System From Apple Continues To Take Shape

iPhone Easypay

Since Apple introduced Touch ID has been much talk of a mobile payment system leveraging the sensor. There are only rumors, but Tim Cook himself has spoken more than once of the possibilities offered by Touch ID, citing including mobile payments and even Eddy Cue in recent interview in the Code Conference also spoke about . With a portfolio of over 800 million users, who are the clients account in iTunes, it leads is a logical move for Apple . With WWDC 2014 just around the corner begins to set date to all rumors and leaks that have been happening in recent months, will the present system of mobile payments?

According counted from 9to5Mac Apple is fulfilling steps for the implementation of such a system, having already started talks that would have occurred in the last two months, with the directors of the chain stores retail after talking to the existing companies such as payment for PayPal. Apple has good wicker to create a mobile payment system that really works but will not see at WWDC 2014 Among the issues touched on these discussions, in addition to test the possible interest entrepreneurs in this system, spoke of the many challenges that the creation of a system of payments would, especially at the infrastructure level, as each company has its own point of sale payment practices different so get a fits-all solution will require months of work. Within this infrastructure would be one of the pillars of iBeacons , in which Angela Ahrendts has placed much emphasis and take a few months to be used in the Apple Store, definitely a perfect field test for Apple.

In any event uniting all points is unlikely, if not impossible, to see something on Monday of this in the opening keynote of WWDC 2014. already not only by a matter of timing, but because thinking about a possible and more than probable presence sensor in the iPad Touch ID range, that would be the appropriate time to show the world a system that will surely be one game changer in mobile payments . Apple has good withs.