Roomer, intermediate service between buyers and sellers of hotel bookings and has mobile applications


There are users who may face the situation of having made ​​hotel reservations, but for one reason or another, they finally can not use them, and besides, the cancellation could lead them to lose their money. This is where Roomer ( ), an interesting platform that allows individuals to sell their hotel reservations that can not use and that they are not refundable, other interested individuals. It competes with other platforms in the same category as Cancelon and TakeMyHotelRoom.

Recently, Roomer launched their native mobile applications for Android and iOS mobile platforms, but for now, they are limited in enabling users to search and booking of hotel rooms that have applied discounts on their prices, but in future versions will enable search and booking any room booked can not be used, and also are not refundable, which for now is being exclusively available through their website.

Roomer also has a validation system that provides security to individuals, including those who sell and those who buy stocks, so that when they are confirmed through the application, reservations to the new private transfer, who will receive emails to confirm. Vendors receive payments when buyers have registered their outputs.

The existence of this platform, and other competitors, will allow users to make reservations with more security, so that in cases where they can not enjoy their reserves, will not lost their money.