Apple developers opens: Touch API ID, Safari extensions and integrated keyboards

Touch ID Finger

Who knew that a couple of years that Apple would just see what does. In a turn of events, Apple opens developers offering three new things: the release of the Touch API ID , new Safari extensions and the ability to install third party keyboards developed . This we can do iOS August and much more customizable applications.

New third-party keyboards

It is true that the iOS keyboard 8 has greatly improved, but if you’re the type of user who does not quite convince you, no problem: Apple has enabled the ability to install third-party external keyboards . For the first time in the history of iOS, we will be able to choose the preferred method of entry or completely change the keyboard layout. A world of possibilities both users and developers.

Touch ID SDK

Imagine being able to unlock iOS applications in Touch ID ? Or access private files? Question Perform special actions in a video game? All this and more is possible with the release of the Touch ID SDK announced by Apple. So with just your finger applications can identify the user uses .

Extensions in Safari for iOS in August

If you asked me what the most unexpected feature of the event today, I would have responded undoubtedly extensions in Safari for iOS in August . Developers may include small features in Safari. Pseudo-extensions similar to those of its counterpart in OS X . Yet not many details are known but certainly leaves us all speechless.