Apple will switch From Google To DuckDuckGo as search engine


The verge to confirm in between a list of characteristics of the least talked at WWDC 2014, the most important conference for Apple developers, that’s going unnoticed as is the ease with which it will now be possible to switch to Google for DuckDuckGo as default search engine in Safari iOS 8 and Mac OS X 10.10.

I recently mentioned that DuckDuckGo was updated with a lot of functions (search suggestions, enriched by multimedia, climate predictions, searches of premises, etc results.) making it a worthy competitor to Google and Bing, however, the factor DuckDuckGo differentiator is a cleaner design, less ads and total privacy in searches.

Well, since it has been enriched and maintains a growing popularity among the public, Apple has used to display within Safari as a search engine with Bing and Yahoo! choice. Of course, implicitly Apple’s desire to minimize noticeable dependence on Google services and applications in the universe for those who do not remember, last year was Bing who came to occupy their predetermined Siri queries.

Although many will benefit by having their iDevices with a search engine that respects your privacy and the most recent changes with passage DuckDuckGo results obtained on multiple channels at Google style (maps, images, videos, reviews, etc..) maximizing its utility, many users probably not going to change the way they perform their daily informative consultations. Either way Apple movement is no less interesting.