WhatsApp CEO criticizes improvements iOS 8 and accuses Apple of copying


Yesterday Apple taught the world its new software surprising acquaintances and strangers. It was one of the best keynotes we have seen in recent years full of news for each and every one of the operating systems company, integrating its mobile platform and desktop as so far we have not seen in any of its competitors.

But the truth is that part of what Apple was not presented dish taste for everyone. With new developments in iOS and OS X, Apple sentenced to death many applications . Skitch Alfred or were some of the hardest hit with improvements in spotlight and adding annotations posilbidad Mail But they were not alone.

Messages , received one of the biggest updates since the output of the first iPhone in 2007, integrating some of the most characteristic of third party applications like WhatsApp, something you do not like at all to its CEO since completed the keynote, launched a quite critical of the new tweet posts views:

jan koum

Thus, the CEO of WhatsApp, one of the most used applications of instant messenger, was quite critical of Apple and not in vain. The truth is that although not enough, you will get something very good from all this, since the fact that Apple has tuned its operating system with new features will af luff developers get batteries for the benefit of all users.