Linkedin profile changes its design and looks more like Facebook


Everything indicates that  commitment of social networking is to go by  name “path.” Resemble Facebook generates all kinds of answers when a network changes its design, however must work because now Linkedin who takes this path.

The network of professional profiles has been very busy, first a couple of weeks ago added a tool called How You Rank , which basically serves to measure visits made ​​to the profile and other statistics. And for another design change in  profiles. With How You Rank, however,  information is also handled with a tinge of popularity, as these results are compared with  other profiles . With this network wants its users to complete your profile as possible, thus making it more attractive to those seeking personal or professional services.

The design change denotes a request to approach  normal habits of a Facebook user , distribution and appearance. Another thing to note is  use of custom pictures as background in  header. Yes, just like Twitter did in their time. For now you can fill out a form in which  use of funds in advance is requested. This is for premium users.

The profile picture will be larger and  sections are presented in boxes that startle to browse them. I must say that personally,  changes look clean and less technical presentation . But other changes are more crave ” Facebook” and I’m not so sure I want everything to change in that regard. That will be all red look more “social”, which hence content, sharing likes or Linkedin for “recommendations” with an icon of a thumbs up but different, as I said, is a known way. Let’s see where it takes us.