OS X Yosemite shows evidence of future iMac with Retina display


It seems that code iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite has hidden many things. If yesterday we discovered some hidden features and today violations that have not been ironed out (which would enable jailbreak) , we come to light which would be a revolution for Apple: iMac with Retina display . iMac with Retina or Thunderbolt Retina Display screen or in failing that, a new Thunderbolt display Retina , which takes several months to be a constant buzz in Apple blogosphere.

Accumulating evidence and although it has been a WWDC without hardware releases, two new operating systems from Apple give us many clues as to what we will see in coming months. In code of first beta for OS X Yosemite developers shows how there are new options for scaling screen resolution on Mac Besides regular ones, file includes resolutions up to 6400×3600 pixels (3200×1800 HiDPI). But it does not stop there but as more resolutions include 5760×3240 (2880×1620 HiDPI) and 4096×2304 (2048×1152 HiDPI) among others. problems in manufacturing and higher costs What does this mean? As shown with possible new resolutions for iPhone and iPad screen , in this case OS X Yosemite shows how Apple was thinking to increase your Retina screen resolutions than ever before.

Doubt is in itself making a iMac with Retina display. Contents displays serial number of pixels that reliably is extremely complicated, especially when we walked in screen sizes like 27-inch high-end iMac. Further costs would increase, leaving a final price for affordable little user.