Comparison Chart: iCloud Drive vs competitors

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iCloud Drive is one of the greatest advances of iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite , one of the pillars in the way that Apple has to see and interpret the convergence between their different devices and it will change the way Mac users and iOS have to work with. One aspect that has changed with the introduction of iCloud Drive are the price plans. So far Apple was also very competitive in this respect, providing 5GB free and different expansion plans, with prices approaching not the best in the market. I say so far because the output of Apple iCloud Drive has renewed these plans making them much more competitive . Let’s take a look at other alternatives, that now share target with iCloud Drive, iCloud Drive is much more than Apple’s cloud, is a file system for iOS with players like Amazon, Google, Microsoft or Dropbox, the real dominating the market compared with Apple’s new plans.

If we start plans free storage, Google Drive is the winner in this section , with its 15 GB storage each Google account, followed by Box offering 10GB and Microsoft with its 7 GB in OneDrive. Apple and Amazon are left behind only offering 5GB, especially something that Apple is very little if we have more than one iOS device. Special mention should Dropbox , which only offers 2 GB free, but it has many nuances as each is known by all the space acquisition system to change the recommendations, one of the factors that once helped its growth.

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The differences are also significant if we talk about price plans. In the next step after complimentary Amazon and Apple plans offer 20 GB for 10 euros per year for the first and 0.99 euros per month, Google Drive is who has the best storage plans just under 12 euros annum for Apple. Microsoft offers 50 GB for 25 euros per year, as Amazon also contemplated that option but is still king here Google Drive, in March slapped the table putting 100 GB of storage just 1.99 per month , about 24 euros per year. Both Microsoft and Amazon also have among their offer 100 GB of storage but at twice the price, 50 euros per year and Dropbox, which has been quite off the hook in terms of price, 99 calls per year for these 100 GB.

Let the next step in Apple prices offered 200 GB. For such storage Apple users will have to pay 3.99 euros per month, about 48 per year, the cheapest alternative for this capability, almost half of the 100 euros Microsoft or Amazon and much less than the 240 euros Dropbox . Google does not offer 200 GB but if I did it would be in a range of prices, by projecting its offer of 100 GB, similar to Apple.

Above that offer Apple has not specified another price plan even though its competitors and dare with 500 GB and 1 TB of storage in the cloud, but only Google offers a reasonable price, with the system integration with updating to iCloud Drive price make it a good alternative 120 per year, while Amazon soars to 500 euros. It is also true that these plans are not necessary for most users, but still have their market especially in companies or professionals.

There are multiple alternative cloud storage, all with different pricing plans making a comparison difficult if not in all cases coincide storage plans. Apple so far stayed out of the price war mainly for one reason, iCloud did not have the same approach as the other alternatives so the comparison was in many cases impossible. But once stepped with iCloud Drive Apple took the opportunity to renew plans that were obsolete, remember that the maximum storage was offering was 50 GB for 80 euros per year, equating how low the competition if we do the expected price for the same capabilities. Not to mention the strong system integration that is definitely their strong point.