Paypal integrate Touch ID into your applications


Of all that has API’s available to developers after WWDC Apple 2014 Touch ID is one of the most game will give developers. Unlocking applications, access to private files, there are thousands of choices but one of them is going to take more than talk and payments. Touch to make payments using ID beyond App Store or iTunes will be a standard when it comes out in August iOS , a possibility that no one will want to miss.

Apple has not neglected safety with opening of Touch ID Paypal, who said he drank winds to be part of system of mobile payments Apple seems to be one of first to incorporate Touch ID to your system since according to Business Insider numerous developers of company were present at a meeting of WWDC 2014 related API Touch ID. seems API Touch ID is a fairly easy to use API, but we are still familiar with it said  Anuj Nyar, senior director of global initiatives PayPal, which confirmed that meeting attendance.

One of issues that has raised suspicions with opening of this API is security. Many people are reluctant to provide their mark and not just Apple but to others but actually way to work this API prevents this possibility. Its operation would be based on Keychain, which is responsible for collating footprint without developers had access to it as Craig Federighi said during keynote.

Will it serve this integration to Apple’s attention and become part of its system of mobile payments? Personally I think Apple likes to play alone most of time and has capacity to do so in this case. Anyway, back to Touch API ID an open range of infinite possibilities and developers will be responsible for defining it.


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