Asus Fonepad, The Aspiration Of Smartphone Tablets Grow More


Leveraging its intervention during Computex , which is being held these days, people are not only Asus has dared to renew the range MeMO Pad, but also wanted to show that things do not go bad to FonePad . As little, you will well enough to deserve a handshake nuts.

Contrary to what we had seen in previous FonePad, this time the brand wanted to throw more tablets than smartphones really. This is precisely why we are going to find in formats 7 and 8 inches , enough for us to say forcefully that are not tabletofonos but tablets with phone functionality.

As it seems it can not be otherwise, Asus wanted to take advantage of the brilliant performance of new Intel Atom, and that is why to give life to these little has decided to use a Z3560 with quad-core 65-bit x86 .

As we saw with MeMO Pad, the FonePad also use screens of 1280×800 pixels , same mode formats 7 and 8 inches, but in this case frame is reduced much more, so that the end device feels smaller.

Affirming that are more to a tablet to a smartphone that, we must forget LTE connectivity, and learn to live only if we use 3G FonePad, which is also not too difficult for now.