MotionSavvy, iPad app to communicate in sign language


We assume ability to hear sounds and voices of others, but in this case the team MotionSavvy is an exception.

The tool especially developed to make life easier for those who can not hear life has been founded by Ryan Hait-Campbell, Wade Kellard, Jordan and Alex Opalka Stemper. All met at Rochester Institute Of Technology, institute that includes a special branch of study for people without hearing – because current team of 6 people who form company’s deaf.

The application is a tool for tablet translates American Sign Language to English and vice versa, using Leap Motion controller for it. The set includes MotionSavvy said controller and 3D motion recognition, which detects in this case if a person is using sign language. The software also features voice recognition microphone using same tablet, which allows us to speak with a voice to person who is using signs – and that our voice will be translated into text.

For now we can check on service to access beta, and although at the moment the prototype understand and translate 100 words, the founders intended to be adding many signs until MotionSavvy become an effective tool.