Toshiba Excite Go, quad-core Intel Atom for $ 110


The prophecy is finally becoming a reality. Legend has it that Intel had promised some months ago, that force down prices of its processors to manufacturers, in mid-2014 would begin to see tablets with pretty decent hardware for prices that would total $100 . What surprises us is to see that some manufacturers of weight support that trend.

Toshiba has just launched a serious bid for the U.S. market. Under the name Toshiba Excite Go, Japanese manufacturer has staged a tablet that does not stand out as particularly groundbreaking as far as specs are concerned, but with a very attractive price.

Your screen 7 inch with resolution 1.024×600 pixels is not as impressive as we’ve seen in iPad Mini or MiPad Xiaomi , and 1GB of RAM we can crave just for Android, but what makes it stand out above the Go to Excite competition is its quad-core processor, which is not signed by MediaTek, but an Intel Atom.

One important aspect for the most new tablet from Toshiba is that in addition to these benefits that will move more than adequately Android 4.4, the cost of sales will be only $ 110 , which will surely leave one more eager to leave soon U.S..