Paypal President Quits To Join Facebook

david marcus

David Marcus, president of Paypal for the past two years, has decided a change of scenery and migrate to Facebook.

From now be vice president of messaging products at Facebook, a sector in which it has no experience in recent years, since before working on Paypal founded Zong, a provider of mobile payments for gaming companies and social networks that Paypal bought in July 2011.

Facebook Messenger is now the apple of the eye, hard work, when you consider that within the same company will have to compete with Whatsapp, also owned by Facebook. official note in the report that is necessary to manage the 12 billion messages that are made ​​in your social network, and the 200 million people who use its Messenger application each month so they need a talent like David Marcus to keep injecting force in the project.

Definitely a strong professional commitment to the mobile world, he has given paypal tackles in that environment, although it is clear that the world of electronic commerce is related bit of instant messaging.

Be interesting to see now, both the evolution of Faceboo Messenger in your hands, as the course of paypal not yet announced its new president.