Sony Xperia M2 Review

Sony Xperia M2

Earlier this year, Sony presented together with its high-end Xperia Z2, the Xperia M2, a smartphone that would be cut fairly attribute in an attempt to win the approval of those who are not willing to spend more than 600 € by a smartphone. Has Sony learned where to cut and left to Xperia M2 with an acceptable experience for consumers?

For several months now increasingly inquiries from family, friends and college classmates about what mobile should buy me arrive. I always answer the same thing: “There are too many phones on the market, you tell me what’s offered in the operator or how much you spend if I thought free shopping.” And almost always get the same answer: ” I want the best go, and as cheaply as possible. “

By “as cheap as possible” should always interpret the same price range: 100 to € 200/250 , if the mobile is totally free, and this being very generous. No more. Obviously, there are exceptions, like myself or friends who share my same tastes so good and prefer more money left for a terminal that offers you best quality, but it is more than understandable that some people prefer to spend a lower amount, since they will not use your mobile for more.

And here is where you enter the mobile manufacturers. Manufacturers know (at least mostly) what their consumers want and need, and create different smartphones cut here or there, or improving something or other, in order to find the smartphone will be more sympathetic. Companies like Sony have captured this idea well, creating as diverse as smartphones Xperia Z Ultra , with its 6.4 inch screen, or Z1 Compact , small size of a smartphone with the same power as its big brother, the Z1.

So, to accompany the presentation of the Xperia Z2 at MWC earlier this year, had a smartphone that went a little unnoticed, and that has hit the market recently with a mid-range price and will try to earn a fit into the tight mid-range smartphones. His name? Sony Xperia M2 .

Sony Xperia M2 specifications:

  • – Display : 4.8-inch TFT
  • – Resolution : qHD 540×960 pixels, 229 dpi
  • – Processor : Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 quad-core 1.2 GHz
  • – RAM : 1 GB
  • – Storage : 8 GB + microSD card slot
  • – Camera : 8 MP rear / Front VGA
  • – Software : Android 4.3
  • – Battery : 2300 mAh
  • – Connectivity : HSPA, LTE, Bluetooth 4.0, NFC, GPS and GLONASS
  • – Dimensions : 139.7 x 71.1 x 8.6 mm
  • – Weight : 148 g

Design and Sound

From the original Z Xperia, Sony has maintained an air of distinction with stylish design using polished metal and plastic glass imitating their smartphones away from the plastic widely used in Samsung. This design continuity has been maintained in their smartphones to a greater or lesser extent, and Xperia M2 is less. has very square edges , which makes you can not use it as easily as other smartphones with more rounded edges, without But this did not bother me too much. Sony knows how to make a smartphone is pleasing to the eye and in fact, those who have seen me with the Xperia M2 I recently mentioned how nice it is.

Following Xperia shape M2, Sony has placed all the buttons in the right side edge , including a dedicated camera button, which somewhat facilitates the use of Xperia M2 with its square shape, as placed in the middle, not at the top and other terminals. I will not deny that those with smaller than mine may have problems, especially taking into account that the Xperia M2 uses a 4.8-inch screen (of which more will be said), so it is not the smartphone hands more ergonomic market, but it’s still quite comfortable. Another couple of things to mention is that using such materials results in getting dirty quite easily, both in front and back, and although it may seem, the Xperia M2 is not water immersible type as the Z2.

Sony knows how to apply that aspect of premium , even in the midrange. Indeed, because this design is not waterproof, we can find a slot on the right side for the microSIM card and microSD card via a tab as in the Xperia Z. As for other ports, has the headphone port on top, and the microUSB port on the left side, something that Sony remains committed, instead of placing the port at the bottom edge , which has the Xperia M2 occupied by the speaker, although this is partially true, because the speaker is located on the bottom right, leaving the other party to the microphone.

And since we mentioned the speaker on the bottom with respect to the design, and also continue with its sound quality, which has a more than acceptable level , with a volume level on the speaker above average, though too high volumes there was some distortion, especially in the bass. Also mention that being located in the bottom right, it can be covered with one finger, but I have not had sound issues when watching video with the phone in horizontal.


One of the main complaints of the Xperia Z and Z1 was the screen, which did not reach the quality expected on a high-end, and had a very poor viewing angles. The Z1 managed to improve slightly and the Z2 has not had this complaint, since it is a spectacular display. Unfortunately, we can not say the same screen Xperia M2. It is a 4.8-inch TFT screen , without Gorilla Glass with a resolution qHD 540×960 pixel resolution widely used in the mid range and leaving the screen with a density of 229 pixels per inch.

Beyond the somewhat lower resolution than normal due to the rather large screen Xperia M2, the display has a maximum brightness a bit low and the front panel is too reflective , which makes viewing outdoors. It also has a minimum brightness which I think is quite illuminating (at night with everything off bothered me in the eyes), and a very limited viewing angles, reminiscent of the above with screens Z and Z1. However, not everything is going to be wrong with this screen, because it has a pretty good and quick, plus correct color reproduction response, although the color temperature is too high for my taste.


Apart from the design, the latest Sony terminals are characterized by a good camera with 20.7 megapixel sensors. Having Camera Xperia M2 by Exmor sensor RS 8 megapixel Sony itself, I got carried away by my imagination and I thought maybe I had hit a mid-range camera to tell it to be better than average. Perhaps hence my disappointment. In most of the pictures I took had noise issues and an unclear definition when focusing. The camera also has problems when it comes to color reproduction, with mostly muted colors and presenting a greenish hue.

When testing the camera at night I did not expect miracles because of the disappointment I had during the day, and as expected, the camera does not improve at all and noise in still pictures of this body.M2 The Xperia also has an HDR mode , although it is quite hidden in the camera interface, but can not resolve greatly photos. Of course you can not ask for miracles for the camera of a mid-range terminal.

Moving to the front camera being a VGA camera capable of recording 480p only did that not have high hopes for it , and eventually met my predictions. Indoor practically could not see anything, and it just went black screen. To get an “selfie” you should be able to use the camera outdoors with good lighting, so you can use it only in a limited range of occasions.

Software and Performance

I’ll say it bluntly: The Sony Xperia M2 part with Android 4.3 , having been launched last month, and this is understandable, especially if we remember that Android 4.4 was released in September 2013 Although it has promised an update to Android 4.4. this summer, Sony should have had time to update KitKat since the Xperia M2 was announced in February this year, as competitors such as Motorola with its Moto G, LG with its G2 mini, Samsung with its Galaxy S4 mini and HTC Your One Mini 2 are already on Android 4.4.2.

This whole issue of the update is a shame, because the fluidity of Layer Customization Sony has surprised me , and perhaps Android 4.4 would have taken more out yet. Besides all this, the interface is clear and simple, the launcher is very intuitive and does not come with too many applications bloatware Sony (although they should at least give the option to hide you will not use thelauncher that brings default). I also liked the detail you can add in different notification bar togglesdepending on what you may or may not need, and has enough for those who want to change some aspect of the terminal, but nothing too spectacular customization.

As we said before, the Xperia Android 4.3 M2 features. However, it also includes a Snapdragon 400 and 1 GB of RAM, which provide the combined performance more than adequate. Multitasking is handled quite well, as well as intensive games like Clash of Clans or Angry Birds, but because of its construction may become slightly warm to give heavy use , although it is not something we have not seen in other terminals. The M2 also features a non-removable battery of 2300 mAh, which can hold about a day and a half without charging with moderate use and get to take about 5 hours of screen.


Having created the Xperia Z1 compact, terminal size smaller than average and with high-end essence, Sony wanted to try the opposite formula: larger terminal size but with lower specifications in order to lower the final cost. Obviously, you can not expect the same from both terminals, although the Xperia M2 fulfills what was expected of him, nothing too impressive a midrange all the way , doing honor to M that carries his name.

In addition, the proposal has improved since Sony Xperia M , its predecessor, providing option to LTE networks, larger screen size and overall larger battery and better processor, and all this improvement is always welcome. However, Sony could have paid more attention to details such as the screen or the camera, which are lower than expected. However, comparing the Xperia M and M2 leaves us a clear idea exceptions, midrange Android is getting higher quality , so the only thing left is to see if Sony pays attention and eventually get closer the average range for excellence, Moto G .