Windows Phone confident gestures in the air as their new winning

Nokia Lumia 920 Yellow Portrait

Microsoft has a great opportunity in front of her to get a good position on the podium for smartphones. With iOS and Android to unattainable levels, the Redmond company wants to hold the third position in the market with a new-old idea: to control their phones with gestures in the air, the purest Kinect style.

Microsoft would have postponed these new features in a terminal called “Goldfinger”

For this would be developing a new terminal, named McLaren (nothing to do with F1) that would end the year in the U.S. and incorporate this new feature, known within Microsoft and 3d Touch or Real Motion . Thus, the user could interact with the phone and its applications without physically touching the screen, almost like Samsung Air Gestures.

This new system is intended to facilitate the use of a smartphone in addition to doing more intuitive . For example, if we hold the phone by its edges in a certain way and we’re lying in bed, the phone will detect and to block the screen orientation does not change automatically.

Another future features star of this new system is the ability to “point a” tile in Windows Phone screen, click on it in the air and we can interact with it. For example, select the Facebook tile, click on it and call a contact directly without touching the phone.

Microsoft’s intentions are quite clear, go to a device without buttons and which do not lack physically interact with them. Personally I see it as a gamble than other brands have made ​​similar attempts were a complete failure, read Samsung. Does the company Satya Nadella may implement it efficiently? Hope so.