LG G Watch will be given at Google I/O, and we Will know availability and price

LG G Watch

Google I/O , which showed all news from Mountain View company. A new feature of which will be discussed Wear Android, Google’s operating system for devices adapted wearables , as well as the first smartwatches Wear on using Android, Moto 360 and LG G Watch . As already knew a lot about Moto 360, is that leaks have wanted to be magnanimous with G Watch and show more information about it, namely its availability and price, new details about its specifications, and that will be given at Google I/O this year.

LG G Watch come to show that wearables may avoid an excessive price. According to Modaco we have known that G Watch will be released on July 7 in UK, priced at £169.99 , about 210€ to change . This price is remarkable for fact that it will be below price of Samsung Neo Gear 2, and significantly cheaper than Pebble Steel, so is good news for those who want to try Android Wear and do not want to spend too much money on it.

We have also known more about G Watch specifications  by Twitter user upleaks (not to be confused with evleaks), providing new data and a weight of 61 grams or will time stand-by 36 hours, which bind to what we already know , a square screen of 1.65 inches , 512 MB ​​of RAM and 4GB of internal memory , which allows us to get a fuller picture of what will be the new notion smartwatch LG.

Finally, through exclusive Android Authority we have known that the G Watch will be given to attendees of the Google I / O , plus you can see the Moto 360 in action as well as a possible announcement of another manufacturer joining LG and Motorola to manufacture smartwatches other possibly Asus , although nothing is confirmed. As you can see, a cascade of avalanches involving the wearable technology LG and Wear of Google Android. You just need to wait to June 25 to see that we have prepared Google.