The reader Feedly is unavailable due to DDoS attack

feedly logo

One reader of feeds (rss) commonly used today, Feedly takes several hours suffering a DDoS attack, preventing offer their service as normal.

Feedly is used by hundreds of thousands of people each day to learn about the news published by different media, making it an indispensable tool for many professionals who work with information. While it is always possible to follow news via social networking, newsletter or direct access to pages, few things are as comfortable as using a feed reader, and those responsible for the DDoS attack today know it.

This is a classic threat: stop the attack in exchange for financial compensation, as they commented on the blog , which are not intended to.

Currently there are no developments in the forecast to normalize the situation, so it is better to use any alternative system or some other feed reader (or NewsBlur theoldreader, for example).