Microsoft plans to eliminate Nokia brand in their new handsets


The brand Lumia is all known to have been used by Nokia for its Windows Phone stage, after the cessation of development of its Symbian handsets. At first generated controversy over its synonyms in Spanish, but soon to be leader in Windows Phone, with terminals with many shortcomings as the Lumia 800 or 710. Later, with the 920, 1020 and 520 became a very powerful brand that placed back on the market and all ligábamos a number of values: build quality, good cameras, good screens, etc..

Following the purchase of Nokia by Microsoft learned that the brand new handsets we would be ” Microsoft Mobile “, although the Redmond company has rights to use the name Nokia for 18 months. Now reports evleaks new devices that firm would abandon the Nokia branding directly, without using it in that period.

Filtration plan showing details of dates that Microsoft would continue to implement the changes. It seems they are first considering developments include its new brand, and later begin to take place upgrade everything about facing employees and eventually follow for remodeling and web marketing.

The step we have experienced in the last year Nokia has been the brightest since 2007 , and we have always recognized Celularis openly. Clearly these are very complex business agreements but miss two brands of prestige as Nokia or Lumia could do no good to Microsoft in the new journey. If it was already difficult for Nokia to re-enter the market and be considered an opponent more for Microsoft will be a huge effort , because beyond Xbox, and ultimately least its assessment as a brand is far from bright . We parted Therefore, it was definitely Nokia.