Now We can send small videos via Facebook Instant Messenger

facebook Messenger

From Facebook Messenger is now possible to send videos up to 15 seconds, just as we do from Instagram, thus entering the category of video messages .

Whatsapp acquisition by Facebook has not stopped, let alone the development of Facebook Messenger, used by 200 million people a month, according to recently reported themselves. We saw a few days ago as the president of Paypal went to Facebook to take over just this application, which now receives a new piece of his particular Lego.

We just have to press (and hold) the camera button to start the video recording, remembering that it is not possible with this new feature, select previously saved videos on mobile (the goal is to send instant messages).

On the other hand, iOS also allow sending a “like” larger. “Big Likes” offers the possibility of pressing the icon, increase the size of the thumb sent (seems to be something that people use a lot on Faceboook Messenger).

They also allow access to the packs of icons received more easily and search for names in groups, both android (for 4.3 or higher) and iOS.