Paybub, an application to pay in bitcoins who leak secret information

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PayPub is the name of the application, as reported in Wired , aims to fight for freedom of classified information based bitcoin.

Created by two developers, even as a prototype, and with the idea of ​​throwing the world of open source software will enable anyone to receive money in bitcoin for leaking secret information either to the public or a private buyer. The program aims to provide a new model of anonymity, although in this case profit, fueling the black market decentralized secret information.

Taaki Amir, one of the leaders, already has experience in projects related to bitcoin. He, along with Peter Todd, his partner, said they were inspired by the WikiLeaks revelations and Snowden, thinking it’s time to let these people win more than name after risk.

There will be a publishing platform or a public website. It may be a protected or encrypted Tor from a disposable email address, or even using the torrent network web messages. Details to be posted on this github page, where already there are some points that give clues as to what we can find.

The problem is that the system could be used to attack intellectual property products companies, leaking secrets to competitors or selling state secrets to foreigners spies. Once created the platform will be difficult to control its use, and the possibilities that would offer much more attractive for evil.

About this controversial world Taarki said:

Only the mighty have anything to fear from freedom of information. You can always say that there are good and bad secrets, but there are actually information that people want and need to be public.

The concept of offering digital payments for black market data is not new, but the bitcoin world can help injecting fuel into this category.