Bitcoin is seen favorable in App Store

coin pocket

Recently, Apple updated its policy allowing for developers including methods of payment in-app virtual currency. This change allows developers to upload applications to the App Store to include payment options via Bitcoin, which could reach be a nice boost for this virtual currency, as we are all aware of the huge market share of mobile devices that Apple currently owns.

Taking advantage of this change in the internal politics of Apple, Coin Pocket, an application that works as a virtual Bitcoin wallet is available now in the App Store. This application is the first option available in the app store with which to manage our Bitcoins. The app features typical of this type of utility, similar to those hitherto reserved for other operating systems features. Once you have installed, will allow us to send and receive payments in Bitcoin, work with private keys, convert to other currencies, etc.. If we look back, this application jumped time protecting Apple and was available as an application built on HTML5 which could run inside the browser of iOS devices, so despite not installed and could not be approved by the company, it was possible to use in devices apple company.

No doubt some, it is an interesting change in the policies of the company, and so far had expressed reluctance to the use of this type of currency. Could this have some kind of relationship with the rumored payments system would launch the company, or rather it is facilitating access to payment systems on the rise?