Parlor: First Social Talking Network


It is always interesting to have people that have issues in common to talk about them, but not always possible. That’s where Parlor ( ), mobile messaging service that brings together like-minded individuals so they can talk about them individually and anonymously. Parlor on itself indicates that it is first social talking network.

Users only need to select a topic of conversation and Parlor will handle contacting with other like-minded users to talk on same subject. Additionally, you may discuss any topic at any time, no time limits and completely free.

Currently, there are mobile applications for Android and iOS devices. The installation requirements of corresponding applications are not high, so you can cover most mobile users on both mobile systems. The comments received on its listing on App Store are completely positive, and also the overall assessment in its listing on Google Play is quite high.

As in other social platforms, if there is any user who commits any kind of abuse or misconduct, you can mark it as a complaint for  system to consider. Thus, if someone is not appropriate to discuss your favorite topics, you can still talk to others anonymously through people Parlor