Apple makes App Store searching with a new section


The biggest One problems is its App Store search system . Much of time results of what we seek little match what we want to find. That, in a store with more than 1.2 million applications and 300 million users a week is a big problem to Apple. While not find a solution more background, is a matter of algorithms no appearance, has created a new section on App Store in order to help users find more easily what they are looking as announced in Twitter.

In this new section are same categories that can be found if we look at the Top Charts or verily Highlights tab which is basically an alternative to thus showing categories as icons and unlisted common interface pull-down menus, much more visible to user and also more geared towards iOS users as they navigate Mac App Store through traditional drop-down menu is more efficient for device type. With this new Apple seeks to facilitate searches for well drive new applications discovery.