Linkedin launches job search application For iOS

linkedin job search application

LinkedIn Job Search is the name of this new application, so far only for iOS and for the United States, that Linkedin has launched to help find work

If 40% of Linkedin users access to their social network using mobile, it makes sense now I bet mainly because these devices. The application now sees the light allows you to find and apply for jobs in the social network, independent of the existing app.

Since 2013 there is the possibility of seeking employment via Web of Linkedin, and all hoped that this function reaches the mobile version. The amazing thing was they have decided to create a single app for that, which may mean a higher level of concentration to compete with projects and jobs available in the market.

The system allows you to find and apply for jobs offering the ability to filter by location, company, position, industry and level of seniority, while showing recommendations based on previous searches performed and the jobs that have occupied. Course includes a notification service to alert us of new positions available, which is essential in a time when the connection is extremely important to 24h.

Linkedin’s bid to rival monster, infojobs and other giants of the labor market is clear, need now to continue investing to cross borders and make available the project in other countries.