Twitter already allows animated gifs

twitter Already allows animated GIF

Bad news for those who enjoyed the minimalism of Twitter: it is possible to publish animations in gif format, both and mobile applications.

We see the news on Twitter support account, where you can see this example:

The objective is not necessary to leave the Twitter page to view the animation, so that soon begin to see movement, often undesirable, in the news we read in our daily lives.

To see the first gif posted on Twitter you can click on , since only the frames will be in or mobile apps, not embedded in tweets (which will need to click the image for the animation to start). The timeline will also be necessary to press the image, but it will not on the individual pages of tweets.

Internally Twitter transforms into a lively mp4 to run without taking up much space gif video, although the final effect of the animation is the same to which we are accustomed.


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