Twitter Buy SnappyTV to create, edit and distribute live video

Twitter buy snappyTV

SnappyTV is a solution, created four years ago, specializing in broadcast events live via video. Many companies have used to create, edit and distribute videos, and now form part of Twitter, the company disclosed in its blog as an important movement in a time betting more than ever on information in this format.

From SnappyTV comment that want to maintain a commitment to provide an open platform for social dissemination of live events through various digital platforms. They emphasize that joining Twitter will provide an even better product and platform to bring more content owners and event organizers around the world, so it is clear that the system is not going away and yes to evolve even faster.

The system allows us to cut, edit and distribute without losing the magic of live. They have worked with longtime Twitter, distributing video both organically and using Twitter Amplify. Now they want to integrate it further to make it clear that the purpose of Twitter is to tell what is happening, and if it can be done live, with video, will compete with traditional distribution channels such content.

So far there have been no definite dates for this integration, it seems to be a long and ongoing process until we see the ability to edit, create and send videos easily via Twitter, surely its own editor in mobile application Company.