Nokia paid millions to extortionists software 6 years ago


Recent years that Nokia have not been pleasurable is no secret. From bad financial results over the past 7 years for not being able to adapt to the times, up to the purchase by Microsoft of a century company, Nokia has not had a moment’s peace. And in the list of misfortunes of another Nokia joins. Today we met with Reuters agency that Nokia paid 6 years ago a large sum of money to a blackmailer to keep an important part of your company unveiled.

The delivery of the money to blackmailers was worthy of a novel by John Le Carré Specifically, blackmailers were made ​​with the encryption key a part of the core Symbian , and threatened to go public. Obviously, not having yielded to the pressure, it would have been catastrophic for Nokia, because, if they had made ​​public, anyone could have written code for Symbian, highlighting those who have used this encryption key to writing malware to the now defunct Nokia operating system, with awful malware added that this would have been indistinguishable from other legitimate code if without malicious intent.

If we also take into account that at that time Symbian was in 50% of Nokia devices in the market , is also present in other Symbian software manufacturers, so you can imagine the consequences. Obviously, Nokia gave in to the demands and ended up paying several million euros to chantanjistas, but also contacted the police, and they agreed to give the money in a parking lot in Tampere, Finland, country of origin of the company . Unfortunately, the money was collected but police lost track of criminals . The rest of the history of Symbian is known to all eventually disappeared in favor of Windows Phone, the Nokia 808 Pureview as the last of his kind.