How to Enable OS X Yosemite in Dark Mode

OS X yosemite dark mode

One of the new features that attracted the most attention during the presentation of OS X Yosemite was Dark Mode, whereby we darken the overall system interface as if a night of an application so they were ideal for professionals photography, design and video. This mode, which is still in a very early version so not all is well adapted interface was not available in the first beta of OS X Yosemite but in the second, released yesterday, there is a little trick to activate it, just as explained in his Twitter iOS developer Hamza Sood.

To activate the Dark Mode, as Hamza Sood tells us we will not have more than once upgraded our Mac to beta2 OS X Yosemite, go to Terminal, run the following command and close and re-login.

If proven once we go back we’ll just rewrite the same command changing Light and Dark by again follow the same steps. This mode is still green , with many details of the interface unpolished why Apple still has not included among the options of OS X Yosemite, but this is a good way to test how it will look on your Mac with Dark Mode in the future.