Overswipe, iOS app that lets you hide pictures


Surely more than once you’ve seen in the awkward position of having left the phone to someone and you’ve seen a picture that should not have seen. Today’s smartphones have become the main chamber of a large percentage of users, so we tend to accumulate in our phone multitude of photographs probably will not want them to be seen by anyone without our consent.

If so, you may Overswipe you find it useful. This is an iOS app that aims to replace the application ‘photos’ offered by Apple, and used independently of this. Once we open, the app will allow you to select which images you want to be available for viewing. As soon as you have done, would click the ‘Display’ button and it would show only the images you have chosen. The problem is that there is the option to exit this display mode, so that all images be available to return. To avoid this, the developers offer a paid version, which allows us to activate € 0.89 a password that prevents exit the image display if it is not inserted properly.

Apparently, Apple has also realized the need to hide pictures on our phones, why in his final keynote announced that its next operating system for mobile devices, iOS 8 will include this feature natively.

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  1. Hey if you can, can you write about this app on kickstarter. Maybe help it get some people to donate. This app will be available for both android and apple. So if you can, can you please blog about it.


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