Skype removed old versions of their applications for Windows and Mac


It is logical that the latest versions of any applications, both mobile and desktop, with incorporated a number of improvements that enjoy those users who’s been installed, making a substantial difference to those users who are using older versions of the same . In this sense, from the Skype team we intend to be trendy with the latest versions available for Windows and Mac, noting that they will remove old versions of the same, just older versions to the 6.13 version for Windows and versions prior to version 6.14 for Mac

Skype claims that are always looking for ways to improve the features that users use every day, the removal of old versions corresponding to its efforts to bring the best and the most recent versions of Skype, bringing the best possible communications experience.

The ability to send and receive instant messages when your contacts are available, access to the chat history in a consistent and complete across multiple devices and synchronizing the states of reading, read and unread, message through devices are those aspects that have excelled in their statement. Also indicate that they are working on great new experiences for Skype, but we will see them later, encouraging us to unburden the latest version today.