Apple would increase list of supported Macs Continuity

OS X Yosemite

Good news for Mac users a few days if we speak of many Apple computers would be out Continuity, one of the most anticipated features does OS X Yosemite , it seems that it will not. Combining Wi-Fi and Bluetooth could include more computers in the list of compatible According to 9to5Mac , sources close to the company have said Apple is trying to extend this feature to other Mac without Bluetooth 4.0 .

Yosemite OS X was introduced as a breath of fresh air for Mac New features, new design and, in all, a completely renovated SO many users have long requested. Among those new features was one that emphasized Continuity : the union of more than palpable iPhone / iPad and Mac Receive notifications Mac iOS device, to answer / receive SMS and even phone calls. But this week the bad news jumped as compatible with Macs OS X Continuity of Yosemite . These were all what possessed compatibility with Bluetooth 4.0, leaving many iMac, MacBook Pro and iMac that if compatible with Yosemite.

But several Apple Specialists are testing you to rejoice more than one. Apparently Continuity could have “continuity” beyond Bluetooth and can rely on other wireless networks such as Wi-Fi. Another solution is to connect an external Bluetooth 4.0 adapter , although in this case it would be a very little usable solution.

Will have to see how it goes the rumor, but if true and Continuity to include support through Wi-Fi network for example, users of older Macs to 2012 (approximately) will enjoy this feature.