Google Fit is platform dedicated to health

Google Fit

A few weeks ago leaked the news that the giant Internet search may also have its own platform dedicated solely to health for the benefit of users of Android . Today, in the first day of the developer conference Google I/O 2014 was made ​​official.

Google Fit is Google platform that will organize all the information and data collected by different devices dedicated to measurements of physical activity and health, from wearables to the same smartphone. It is a single data center on the health of the user, the same style as what will Apple Healthkit in the new version of iOS in August .

So we noticed as health sector has taken an incredible relevance in the world of mobile devices and systems. Now is most common in the world have some gadgets extra that measure our physical activity or even the same phone it does, from the steps we walk and we walk away until your heart rate. Fit Google wants to offer a unique place to see all this information, and of course, have released an SDK for developers to implement them into their applications .

We can expect Google Fit comes with the new version of Android L .