Samsung sales fall 12.5% ​​in Q2


Bad news for Samsung because investors expect their biggest drop in financial results in recent years for the second fiscal quarter. Or so it has expressed itself Sang-hoon Lee, CFO of Samsung, in a public statement rather strange, which announced the disaster ; yes, when asked CFO Korean, and gave no further explanations are not expected until early July the company present its consolidated results.

The problem is that this time has been no calm before the storm, because Lee’s statements have shaken Samsung values ​​in financial markets, which has resulted in a decline of 8.5% so far month , and a further decline is expected in the days prior to the presentation of results so far, and the wait for results and sales, is the world’s largest seller of smartphones.

In addition, due to these statements, insurance brokers as KTB Investment & Securities have been pretty hard down earnings forecasts for Samsung by 10%, but so have the global handset sales for the second quarter by 12.5% ​​to $ 77 million of the 88 million expected.

Samsung does not just define their strategy in emerging markets
to come And now this? It seems that Samsung is not working as it should in the emerging markets . In a time when all companies are betting leave a gap emerging and taking Samsung a good selection of terminals to attack these markets is not working as expected, and instead companies like Motorola or Nokia are taking the cake that future buyers will be smartphones medium to high range.

In addition, forecasts of Apple, its main competitor not have helped much. Basically, Apple sells more and more terminals each year and previones sales for the remainder of the year could not be better, also having its release still missing star of the year with which they can strike a blow at the table as it did with iPhone 4.

However, we did not go crazy, Samsung is a giant mobile phone and this bump in the road does not mean anything more than hiccups weekend , at least if they keep the fire controlled. For now, the only thing left is to hold the shower of second quarter results, and rethink their strategy with emerging, and who knows if could do to reduce the number of terminals that have nearly identical percentages available in the market .