Best tablets for business

best Tablet for business

The year was 2010 and after wave after wave of rumors Apple finally felt ready to present to the world a project they had been working. In the words of Jobs himself, were not sure if the market was ready for that type of device , and is that the tablets as they were staked, was primarily for the consumption of content, so in the coming months would behoove faced criticism from a techie audience who liked pointer displays hardware capable of creating.

Despite the first barrage of criticism, the Apple iPad soon managed to create a niche market that is now one of the most attractive for most manufacturers and each one tries to capitalize on his way. From entertainment media tools have evolved Working With the passage of time many realized that the strongest of the tablets is in the facility offered for entertainment, but there remains a redoubt that refuses to accept the essence of the idea embodied in the original iPad and are looking for a tablet with you can work.

This is where comes Microsoft with its Surface . The tablet Microsoft has had a difficult and unsuccessful boot, but slowly the company and its partners are creating an ecosystem that is becoming popular. Surface evolves and becomes more and more attractive, while similar products based on Windows 8 are beginning to be born. The line between traditional computers tablets begins to fade, the PC has moved from endangered to evolve into something suitable for the times , and now you can really work from a tablet. These are some of the best tablets to work.

Surface Pro 3

Probably the best tablet for business purposes, the Surface Pro 3 from Microsoft is more a traditional PC that has evolved to adapt to market a tablet. Although the $ 799 that makes the price tag can make it look too expensive for a tablet, you better look twice. As soon as we understand that the Surface Pro 3 is more like an Ultrabook medium-high segment will see that the cost is pretty tight.

Microsoft has opted for a 12-inch screen with 2160×1440 3:2 ratio , what with his heart Intel Core i7 make it (again) in the perfect tablet for professionals. If yours is the creation of written content or you are a student who needs to prepare presentations and reports, surely the Surface Pro 3 will be much more than you need. Conversely, if yours is graphic design, work with layout, or editing videos constantly, probably the Surface Pro 3 is the best tablet with which you can do.

iPad Air

Although the iPad originally oriented to entertainment, with the passage of time many professionals have adopted as an invaluable tool in their work. There are few companies have created specialized applications to facilitate the work of their employees from the Apple tablet. Also developers around the world have been put to work to create great applications for productivity.

If you want to delve deeper into how to leverage the iPad as a professional tablet, you can not miss this fantastic post prepared Eduardo few weeks ago. Despite being a great tool for the job, but because few fundamental limitations of hardware and software, the iPad remain secondary tools that help facilitate the work, but for purposes heavy many still need a computer in order.

Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro

With a fantastic 12.2 inch with resolution 2560 x 1600 pixels Samsung has created what is probably the best tablet for work based on Android . The Tab Pro lies in its strong multitasking, and of course, in the breadth and quality of the screen. Here at Engadget we have discussed in detail before this tablet.

The Galaxy Tab Pro , like the Apple iPad, is its fundamental limitations when working on your operating system and hardware. Do not misunderstand us, over here we still consider that both tablets can be leveraged to increase the professional performance well, but probably you will still need a Mac or a PC fit for many of your key tasks.

Probably will be the artists and designers who can further exploit the Samsung tablet.

Asus Transformer Book

Specifically, Asus Transformer Book T100TA . This is not the most powerful tablet market, not even close. The Transformer Book is one of the tablets Windows 8.1 can find cheaper than us and does not neglect the performance too, so it should be the target of all those who need something that can work but can not afford a Surface Pro

The Transformer Book is probably the best choice for students and professionals who need to prepare presentations and tables with Microsoft Office , offering the best of Windows without bulk price too.

And that’s all for now. You see, we have tried to focus on each of the computers in this small list to a specific type of consumer, but it’s always good to get in balance exactly what you need, remembering that tablets like the iPad may end up giving you pleasant surprises offering much more than expected.