The Nokia X will not be updated to new platform X 2.0


some days ago was presented by Nokia its new device with a highly modified Android version, Nokia X2 , which is the successor of Nokia X , which is what started this range of Android smartphones from Finnish company, along with Nokia Nokia X + and XL. Well with announcement of X2, Nokia has dropped in passing that not update any of above to new version of smartphones X platform .

This move by Nokia is a terrible for news early adopters who bought these terminals. Let accounts for a moment: the Nokia X, X + and XL were presented in February this year, during the MWC in Barcelona. And just 4 months then present its successor , the Nokia X2, with some hardware modifications such as the inclusion of an LED flash for the camera, as well as a button HOME to facilitate handling in the Windows Phone-like interface. The Nokia X2 also part with slightly superior hardware, especially in the section of RAM. And while this update take terminal too early (4 months between devices is absurd), announce what started leaving little time ago, also leaving in the lurch other users who bought one of these terminals .

Also keep in mind that Nokia is now under the control of Microsoft , a company which in turn also has under control another Windows Phone operating system, which with its last update was announced that would reach a wide range of devices in a great upgrade policy, differing greatly from what was done by Nokia. And this policy updates with the Nokia X and others has been even worse than that followed by companies like HTC with its One X +, LG with its Optimus 2X or Motorola with its Atrix. Nokia should seriously rethink this strategy for the future , and this does not generate anything but distrust by users when buying a device in the range X.