Windows Threshold confirmed: future of Microsoft Windows and Windows Phone


On Google I/O yesterday highlighted presentation of Android L , but there was also something a priori is also important for future, and that Chromebook will have more in tune with Android devices can run applications on Chromebook or even receive calls on it. This is a clear answer to Continuity , function iOS 8 and OS X by Apple earlier this month.

Threshold arrive in 2015, perhaps a little late with the rest, so you should be surprised. already have seen response of Google and Apple to future of market, and it only remains to know answer from Microsoft , although we know his name: Threshold , which had been mentioned previously and whose possible departure is spring of 2015, but this time has been confirmed by WPCentral and a job offer in LinkedIn in which offer “Design and planning of new features to vNext in IE11 for Windows and Windows Phone Threshold. “

This is fantastic news for fans of Redmond operating systems, since after major update to Windows Phone 8.1 , this was logical next step in its evolution. If WP 8.1 was updated in most things regarding iOS and Android, with Threshold must be returned to do the same , plus the advantages of Microsoft regarding Google and Apple taking advantage, so should become Threshold new darling of Microsoft, and shows a brilliant product.

What advantages does Microsoft regarding Apple and Google? The first advantage is that your PC operating system is more widespread than OS X or Chromebooks , but the adoption rate of Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 is still much improved. second advantage is that between Microsoft, Apple and Google, the first is only one on market today a game console , an operating system for PC and one for smartphones , and all three have a success, if not well not spectacular, at least enough to be taken into account. And Threshold could be spearhead to combine these three areas, and make it a joint experience. Now we have to see if Microsoft is able to do or have more humble to Threshold plans.