Apple says goodbye to Aperture and iPhoto


The week seems just a pretty tough news for Mac users amateur photographers. Apple has announced that ceases gradually developing applications Aperture and iPhoto for OS X (with end date in 2015). From now on we will continue to invest efforts in them, the only benefit to the native photo application on OS X Yosemite. A real turn of events that leaves professional users with only Apple Logic Pro and Final Cut Pro as the only professional applications developed by the Cupertino company.

Unbelievable. This could be defined in a single word rotation just take Apple and almost seems to have a rational explanation. Although for the WWDC 2014 the company preached the virtues of Aperture and iPhoto, it seems that was just a facade. Apple has announced that says goodbye to these two applications for a simple photo editor built into OS X Yosemite . Gradually cease development of the same until the end of next year will have no more updates. A movement that, broadly speaking, try to combine efforts to offer users a full media tool in OS X Yosemite but orphaning the faithful followers who pushed for iPhoto and Aperture with Adobe Lightroom .

Speaking to 9to5Mac , Apple gave more details of the movement:

With the introduction of the new photo app for OS X and iCloud Yosemite Photo Library, to store photos safely in the cloud, there will be no development of Aperture and iPhoto. When photos for OS X is available starting next year, users will be able to migrate your photo libraries from Aperture.

It is true that the new photo application for OS X Yosemite includes many features that were unique to Aperture and iPhoto, but it remains a movement that many users (including myself included) do not like it. One way to let two orphan segments in favor of a rather artificial unification. Dara reverse Apple? What will be the future of iPhoto for iOS? Will it do the same with Final Cut Pro and iMovie? Too many questions.


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  1. While I’m surprised by the move to ditch both Apature and iPhoto, I have to say, I’m not really disappointed with Apple’s decision. I do not like using iPhoto for my photos and only have my best photos stored in iPhoto. I keep the rest in folders on my computer and use GIMP to edit them. It will be interesting to see what Apple replaces these to apps with.


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