Google want to beat Apple in 2014

android L Preview

Almost 2 and a half hours after conference, Google has shown the outline marked in 2014 to deal with Apple . New mobile operating system as the cornerstone of the strategy of search engine with more than 1000 million active users and 315 million devices. Sheer numbers of which added to the Google Play (236% more installed applications with respect to 2013) , leave the Cupertino company with a tough opponent to face against. We review, from the perspective of users of Apple news from Google I/O that can do more harm to iOS and other company products.

Android L vs iOS 8

Sundar Pichai has waited a couple of weeks after the WWDC 2014 to file their counter. Already rumored for a couple of days what Google may be preparing but never such a revolution was expected ago. Android L is a whole reboot of the operating system Google’s use of the world, catching the most important features of the mobile OS and including them in the new design of Android. Android L follows the trail marked by Apple with mobile minimalism Change is very similar to what happened between iOS 6 and iOS 7 with a complete renovation of all textures, menus, colors, and others with Material Design name.

Before you jump several users saying “that’s a copy of iOS” ; let’s stop for one second think things: both companies have inspired numerous times from each other. In this case the new Android L Design Material  is not a copy of iOS in August but an embodiment of all the trend (from Samsung to Nokia) are using in their products . minimalism Will Apple started this trend? Maybe, but what is clear is that it does not own it.

The characteristics of the system if that could have been inspired as much as you can see in iOS 7. Android L improves battery management, memory RAM and is also fully compatible with 64bit smartphone . The notifications have become smart and can answer without having to open the corresponding application and also can see them in locked screen.

Android AUTO vs Carplay

Apple is in danger. In serious jeopardy. If all analysts estimated that Google would also venture into the world of car-binding smartphone, the Google I / O just do it through the front door. Android AUTO proposes a drive connected to all Android smartphone to use applications with the same minimalist design Android L. Moreover, as we find that killer feature to use Google Maps while driving or Google Now assistant. Something against which, for now, Apple can not compete.

Besides the great services like Pandora, Spotify, Tunein, iHeart Radio or Stitcher and others have already confirmed to be compatible with Android Auto. Carplay troubles since it seems that Google wants the field of cars connected at all costs.

Android TV vs Apple TV

And I could not be less, after connected cars was time to seek a renewal in the world of television. Pending that Apple finally decided to renew their Apple TV , which begins to get stuck. Against this Android TV will attempt to captivate users offering TV. Android TV makers: an attractive, simple interface with many possibilities.

Pictures, videos and dozens of applications, including video games available on Google Play. Furthermore we can control the TV from your smartphone or even Android watches Wear.

I have left out other things like self- Wear Android but in this case, Google is ahead of Apple presented a more brilliant smartwatch that can tip the balance in favor of Android. As stated one of the laws of marketing: “it is better to be first than to be the best.”