Using iCloud in Windows


iCloud is one of those services that you miss when you stop it available, one of the most practical things that Apple makes available to its users, and allows us to keep updated on our mail, contacts or photos cloud. But what if a member of any Apple product and you have a Windows PC? can continue taking advantage of iCloud without any problem. While Mac users have the built-in Apple service system provides for Windows A iCloud Control Panel for managing iCloud settings and enjoy almost the same things that Mac users are going to see how to configure it:

  • The first thing to do is download the Control Panel for Windows ** iCloud that Apple provides on its website.
  • Once downloaded, click on Start to open the Start menu.
  • Let’s Control Panel and within the Internet and Network
  • Inside we access Internet & Networking iCloud.
  • We introduce our username and password for Apple ID.
  • Activate or deactivate iCloud services we want to synchronize.
  • If we want to enable automatic downloads for music, apps and books have to go to iTunes, and within the Preferences enter Store where we want to change that mark. Keep in mind that we can not we can also enjoy the benefits of iCloud on Windows use all iCloud services in Windows, but the most representative.

In addition to preserving our contacts, email and calendars we can keep the favorites of Internet Explorer, Firefox or Google Chrome in Windows sync with Safari access My Photo Stream and download automatically to your computer the photos you do with iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, and share photos and videos. This is just the beginning as iCloud Drive will also be available for Windows allowing further increase the chances of iCloud .