California legalize Bitcoin for alternative payment


Although for nearly a year the state of California would clearly indicate against Bitcoin, having come even to apply thickly to Bitcoin Foundation to cease their activities lest they be forced to pay heavy fines, just changed opinion .

California Governor Jerry Brown has approved a bill amending the state’s point of view as to the alternative forms of payment, including descata Bitcoin. This law, which is called AB 129, overrides the previous law that made ​​this type of currency illegal. Reasons you based this change is that it is not logical to go against innovation, making it impossible to turn a deaf ear to an evolution in the forms of payment. existing payment methods are far from what they were in the past and is no longer only pay with cash or credit cards. Many businesses have created based on points or coupons which are accepted as legal money if, besides there an increasing interest in the methods of payment as It treats Bitcoin payment systems. Therefore, this law reform such payment is legalized, which until now were used to outlaw.

Undoubtedly, this is a great step forward for popularizing payment alternatives are slowly making a place in society, can make many trades are encouraged and start accepting Bitcoin or payment by other methods similar if they wish, can benefit from a much lower fee.