Pipes: App with news, tweets and articles in real time on a specific topic


Pipes is a smart mobile application that automatically collects news, tweets and articles from Wikipedia user specific issues, all in a chosen stream that is constantly updated and can manage their notifications advanced form.

The first screen to start the app will allow quick start with an account of Google+ or Facebook. Instantly a small summary of what makes Pipes and appear in a couple of seconds and you will see timeline principal with Top stories as the first item / topic / pipe monitoring.

The interface is clearly distinguishable eyelashes News, Tweets (iOS only) and Wikipedia , and right on the top right the “+” symbol will be the most “pipes” or follow topics of interest are added, from the latest on the 2014 World Cup to the most significant events in the crisis in Ukraine. Each item added will be displayed in the stream principal.

And that’s it, all items are displayed completely within Flipboard app style or other news readers, albeit with as exquisite as the design of these apps. He completes a message system with the number of notifications is controlled push to receive for each subject and the ability to save any item using a marker.

Pipes is available for free for iOS and Android.

Link: Pipes in the Play Store | Pipes on the App Store