Smartwatch from Microsoft could just be a bracelet tracking physical activity and health

microsoft smartwatch

Across the network have shared rumors of a possible launch of a  Microsoft smart watch to compete directly with smartwatch of Google (or associates), Samsung and even Apple if in a few months we see the long-awaited “iWatch“. However, as discussed in The Verge by Paul Thurrott , a subject with sources in the company, and almost being confirmed with a request for registration of patent, Microsoft will not release a smartwatch but a bracelet fitness similar to the Nike + Fuelband or Samsung Gear Fit.

The image accompanying this article is found in patent documents and largely coincides with that reported about the characteristics of the possible bracelet being most likely to include multiple sensors for recording data on health and physical activity, steps , blood pressure, calories, etc -., and the ability to send data to other mobile devices.

This last part is where a brilliant move would be displayed by Microsoft since achieved establish a differentiating factor of competence: It would be compatible with iOS and Android / AndroidWear alike, both with third-party applications as by own apps (maybe versions of Bing Health & Fitness app already present in Windows Phone 8.1 but with content automatically captured and treated smarter).

Finally we speculate on the details of price and availability: about $ 199 being present during the last quarter of 2014.